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The Undoubtedly Ultimate Sleeper Car

27 March 2008 No Comment

I’ve seen many sleeper cars but none comes even close to this.

I WANT THIS CAR. A 4dr F1 car. Aside from the wheels, the exterior of the car looks very tame. Until you start the engine and it’s over. Talk about wolf in sheep’s clothing.

1980 Alfa Romeo 164 Sedan F1 car

Some info:

Back in the day, there was this planned racing spec series that was supposed to be ran alongside the f1 series. This series was supposed to be called ProCar and it was going to be a spec series of production “looking” cars with F1 car engine, chassis, and engineering. Basically if this thing went through, it was going to be like DTM but the cars were F1 cars underneath a production sedan body, with no fender flares and only a front lip and rear wing added….The series never went through but Alfa Romeo stepped up and made this prototype along with Brabham. Its a 164 sedan body with a V10 F1 motor in the middile…The car looked exactly like a normal car, weven the body gaps and doors were made to look real even though you can remove the front clip and rear half as on piece.

Check out the video. Even though it’s not in english, the sound of an F1 engine is a universal language.

Thanks Ray (ziggyE46)

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