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Concept BMW M1 PROCAR Hommage

2 July 2008 6 Comments

As a BMW fanatic, I was excited when BMW Group Design unveiled the design study M1 Hommage Concept Car at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2008 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary M1 by Giugiaro. My first thoughts were “Oh cool, what about the ProCar?”

Seeing an original M1 dressed in a ProCar body kit in person, I knew a race version of the new M1 could be a very interesting idea. Needless to say, BMW is due for a supercar of their own to compete with the likes of Audi’s R8, Mercedes Benz’s SLR 722, Porsche CGT, Lexus LF-A etc.

So I got working on a full rendering on how an M1 Hommage ProCar might look like if it were ever produced.

Here is what the image I stated out with.

And here is my rendition.

The Design Process – Rebirth of an Icon:
I began the process by studying the different angles of the M1 Concept Car to get a feel for the lines, shapes and curvature of the body. And with any BMW concept car, the design and contours are all new which required a ProCar body kit that suits these lines properly. The “flamed surface” is very evident so to properly convert this M1 to the ProCar, all of these design elements needed to be considered. I sketched out a new wide body kit design making sure that it stays true to the BMW design language by continuing the new lines of the concept car. The front fascia was also modified and given the updated ProCar look. So with Photoshop CS, the new design was applied and rendered. The BMW M1 ProCar is basically a raced-out version of the original street M1 so the addition of the race rear wing was important to complete the conversion along with new super deep dish wheels.

Below is the animated transition from the M1 concept to the new M1 ProCar version. (thanks Jeff)

Hi-Res version available at http://jonsibal.deviantart.com

Regardless of the accuracy of my speculation to the actual BMW Group Design Team’s design, it will just be awesome to see the M1 ProCar tearing up it up in the ‘ring.

Fuel to the fire:
The day right before I finished the M1 ProCar rendering, BMW announced the BMW M1 Procar revival at Hockenheim.

Munich, 30th June 2008. The F1 German Grand Prix programme this year will see the revival of the most spectacular single-make competition in motor racing history. The BMW M1 Procar series will be back at Hockenheim on 19th and 20th July as a field of ten cars.

:D Happy happy joy joy. :D


  • emmie said:

    The future looks exciting

  • exmonl said:

    I wish BMW produced the M1 like this as a supersportscar that every BMW enthusiast is waiting for. Design is so sick. only the rear wing is more tuning style then race style. a GT2/GT3 wing would suit it better imo. Nevertheless an amazing job you did just like all of your work.

  • Hias said:

    The wheels are a little off.
    On the original m1 they were designed to reduce drag by pushing the vertical parts as far out as possible. The homage picked that up. You put the “spokes” way inside – which looks great from a tuner pov but breaks that tradition…

  • Thefundu said:

    The car looks stunning in my view, only a few tweaks to the front grille can uplift the car in a lot ways….The rear portion is already looking good….

  • ahmad said:

    very nice car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • enes said:

    bmw yapmıssa dogrudur!! :):):):)