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30 July 2008 One Comment

So I was reading up on some automotive news and came across this press release from Hyundai and RMR (Rhys Millen Racing)


I noticed that the front bumper design is a complete copy of my Lexus LF-A front bumper design. What’s the deal??? :mad:

I just finished doing couple of renderings for other paying clients/tuners that will be in SEMA also. These tuners compensated me for the time and work I put in the design process.

Whoever created this image for RMR or Hyundai is where the problem lies. Hyundai and RMR most likely isn’t aware of what this person did here. The issue is how this person who took my design which I spent a lot of time designing, and he spent a few seconds to copy and pasted it on the Hyundai Genesis RMR car then showed it them without disclosing that the front bumper is a blatant copy of my design.

I did the design work for that bumper and basically getting no compensation. :mad:

UPDATE: August 1, 2008

I was able to talk with Rhys and the artist who did the image for him and they cleared up the situation. They did admit to copying my artwork design. Without going into too much details, there apparently have been a miscommunication and misunderstanding between RMR, the artist and Hyundai in the purpose and use of the RMR Hyundai Genesis rendering.

Never heard from anyone at Hyundai though being that this was their press release, but I’m relieved that at least RMR stepped up to clear up the mess and it’s resolved as I had hoped.

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  • brad lin said:

    jon, i hope people realized how much time, money and effort and courage it takes to be different knowing that not everyone’s to going to like your work and still want to move forward with a project. we cant hit something with a wide appeal every time but when we do i would not want that to appear on the competitor’s brochure as their product(s). i dont think that we’re that unapproachable to just call us up and collaborate on something so long as it’s not a one way affair.