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E30 M3 Touring

29 January 2009 6 Comments

I got plenty of hits when I posted that rendering of the E91 M3 Touring. My rendering is nothing comapared to this. This is the real deal. No E30 M3 Touring was ever made but it didn’t stop this guy from making one. Check out the pics. Amazing.

I’ve seen 4 door E30 M3, even a convertible E30 M3s but this is def the 1st E30 M3 touring I’ve seen.

All the fender work are metal. The engine is the M30 3.5, modified by Hartge to H35 specs! 18″ Breyton wheels, AP Racing 4-pot calipers in the front and E30 M3 rear brakes in the rear. KW Coilovers, Hartge anti-rollbars and front strut brace. And the list goes on. Very cool.


  • bix_bmw said:

    perfect…wanna do the same to my e30 baby…schon…

  • joe said:

    this made my day

  • Roy_O_Bannen said:

    This car has an really awesome look!!

  • Michael Levere said:

    I would take it right now!

  • CT said:

    maybe he can do the same job for my nissan 370

  • justin said:

    This is great :) I know Im late posting being as this is a few years old, but wow! I wanted to import one of these to the states and drop an ls1 corvette v8 with the t56 transmission, and make is look stock except for the 17″ BBS rims from the e39 5-series sport model.
    Since It will be hard to import one from europe, I will have to buy a sedan (prefferable) or the coupe..

    If anyone can help me get an e30 touring to the states, drop me an email. jdcorle@hotmail.com and please put e30 touring in the subject line.

    Thanks and what an awesome car indeed!