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Ericsson E60 M5

24 March 2009 4 Comments

Ericsson, the European division of Powerhouse Amuse of Japan have released pictures of their body kit for the E60 M5 a while ago labeled the “Earth Concept”. It didn’t get that much attention as their E92 M3 body kit and I still have not seen any other pics besides the official press release pics.

But finally, here’s a silver E60 M5 sporting the kit with a Hyper Forged Wheels.

The stance of the car is awesome but I’m not a big fan of this kit. The add on lip is ok and please no more CSL-style trunk lids. But their exhaust system for this car is on a whole different level.


  • jay said:

    very nice love the kit,just wondering what is the color of the car I like it for my 2003 M5,thank you

    David Reply:

    The color is sandstone silver. I have an M5 with the same color pictured above.

  • Jay R. said:

    Ditto… I’m with (the other) Jay… Love that color. What’s it’s color name… or color number? (BTW: Modded e34 535i here) Very sweet looking, stance, kit, rims, etc. 5-STAR!!
    ~Jay~ St. Aug. FL <>

  • Al said:

    what kind of front lip spoiler is that? how much and where do I get one????