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11 May 2009 No Comment

In terms of automotive body finishes, we’ve seen so many finishes from the ever popular satin/matte black, to the ultra bling chrome or gold finish.

But how about rust. Yes rust is a finish. Popular in the hot rod world being labeled as rat rods. Also popping up here and there in the Vdub community. Some fake it by painting the rust to get the effect but Mike Burroughs is all about keeping it real.

Check out his ride…

Mike’s BMW E28 have been treated to rust. Yes it’s not for everyone, and yes it is a great way to express individuality in a bold way. I personally dig it. The varying rust hues, the stance, the sick BBS RS wheels, and even the busted windshield just appeals to me for some reason. I think it’s the idea of just doing something you want regardless of what people would say or think. That’s very respectable to me.

Love it or hate it, this car will always evoke different opinions and emotions.

I think Mike should get “MINT E28″ for a very fitting personalized plate. ;)

source:Mike Burroughs’ photostream

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