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Bagged CC on Bents

2 September 2009 7 Comments

The Volkswagen Passat CC is one of those cars that came out of VW that really does look more luxurious than any far-from-mugen brand. Ok maybe aside from the Phaeton. Their lines and the much larger body is surprisingly appealing with a touch of class. I usually would use these words to describe a Benz, BMW and or Bentleys.

But I’m all for contradiction haha. Here’s a nice CC on a very baller Bentley wheels.

Check it.

When you’re rollin’ on shoes like this, you can’t be all executive-like, must be gangsta. And thus the bagged suspension was installed.


  • Ben said:

    Thats dope. I like this! Smart move running a VW with Bentley rims. I usually hate bagged cars but this is cool.

  • Adam said:

    I have to say big thumbs up on this one and normally it is totally not my style; but this example is so slammed on those Bents you just cannot ignore!

  • BlueSlug said:

    reminds me vaguely of the Maybach Exelero

  • jason said:

    gosh i love that car and i can’t get enough of it…..doing houston proud.

  • Matt said:

    Wow, I’m to see pics of my car have gotten around

  • Michael said:

    Wow that is the coolest looking CC ever.

  • Nando said:

    what model Bentley did these come off of? and where can I get these center caps? Can’t seem to find them anywhere.