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Realistic Dream Car

15 September 2009 15 Comments

When I did my E91 M3 rendering Dream Car, I didn’t expect to see one made in real life. Thanks to Manhart Racing, you can have a V10 powered E91 with M3 aero stylings. But a dream like that ain’t cheap, especially with that engine. Even my rendering isn’t really that cheap with fender and headlight conversions, supercharged S65B40A engine etc. So how about a more realistic E91 M3 build.

Well, we are in luck. I found these pictures of a typical white BMW E91 touring all hooked up but with a more realistic budget (realistic is relative).

BBS LMs are dreamy so it’s just proper to get a set if you are to build one. Don’t forget to drop it so you get a nice stance with it.

Now if you look at the front bumper, this is the E92 M3 bumper but matched to fit the E91 with the older style headlights. No need to custom make one. The tuning shop Arqray actually sells these as a full replacement E92 M3 front bumper for E91 and E90 applications.

View from the rear, all tricked out too courtesy of Arqray.

So to build this we need the Arqray aero parts, BBS LM and a set of adjustable coil over suspension so you can properly tune the stance. For engine work, just flash the ECU (hopefully you got the N54 engine) and maybe add an exhaust and that’s it. No need for the V10 nor the V8 (get a better gas mileage too), no need to swap the front fenders either. Make it realistic and within a practical budget and you got yourself an E91 M3 stylings. So tempting!!


  • jay said:

    supercharged n54… supercharging a turbo charged engine? i think i saw that mentioned in 1 or 2 cars… but thats pretty hardcore and not nearly as realistic in my opinion. would be neat, however

    jonsibal Reply:

    My bad, that was a typo. I meant a supercharged S65B40A as shown in in my E91 M3 rendering Dream Car.

    But I did remember a twin-charged N54 – both turbo and SCed owned by Dennis Wang. Here’s a link. http://gangsta-original.com/blog/?p=1103. This is the only N54 I’ve seen with this set up but have seen other twin charged BMW engines from SavSpeed.

  • jay said:

    yea that was the exact one i was thinking about. very neat car, too bad it was mainly “for show” or something

  • jason said:

    i think someone needs to do this…jon i’m saying you need to do this.

    jonsibal Reply:

    haha, i need to sell one of my cars first before I can start another project.

    jason Reply:

    i say you get one when your lease is up on your vw. then buy it as a daily and slowly mod it up. i would do this but i’m a broke college student who already has his hands full with one car :-(

  • ESP said:

    Soooo nice, we are thinking bout a BMW Touring but a 5er not a 3er… maybe we can do a Realistic Project 5er.

    jonsibal Reply:

    If you guys are looking into the E61 (5er touring) you should check out this post:

  • Hugo said:

    Hi, Those LM’s are what?? 19”x9,5J and 19”x10,5J??


  • najt said:

    hi, where can I get this front bumper?

  • najt said:

    i mean this bumper:

    jonsibal Reply:

    Here you go.


    najt Reply:

    wau. amazing. thank you!!!

  • Brody James said:

    My dream car is the Porsche 911 or the new Nissan GTR. those cars are really great.;*,

  • Ethan Jones said:

    my dream car is the Ford GT. that car is truly a muscle car with lots of horsepower,,’