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18 November 2009 11 Comments

I’ve done many automotive renderings creating cars that doesn’t exist (E91 M3) or at least not out yet (F10 BMW Performance) but this right here is no photoshop. This is a real life creation.

Could this be the world’s first BMW Van?!

Check out the pics..

Being a BMW fan for a while now, I don’t remember that BMW ever made a van. They made tourings or wagon as we call here in the states, SUV aka SAVs and mostly coupes, sedan and sport cars, but no family van.

This is obviously not a production car that came out from Bavaria. The van is actually a Honda Odyssey.

The whole front end of the Odyssey have been reworked in which the owner got the BMW E92 headlights, kidney grills and front bumper grafted into it to give the van a very unique look.

With my days competing at car shows, I’ve seen many example of non-BMW cars modified to look like a BMW and they all FAIL in my opinion. Most just look like crap. So I’m a little surprised how well the integration of the E92 front end into this Odyssey.

The headlight fitment and the contours of it fits perfectly with the hood. Same with the kidney grills! I wonder if the M-Tech aero lip would fit in this car haha.

I also like how the rear bumper from an E92 M3 was fitted into the rear end of this van. They even added carbon fiber diffuser … so tricked!

The car is so slammed. Negative camber all around, not my style but to each his own. I’m sure its dumped like this for pictures and the air bags pumped up when cruising. But other than the way it sits, I personally think it was well executed making for one hot soccer mom ride.

When I saw the wheels, I thought they were the Radenergie R10 wheels but looking at this close up reveals that its a WORK Gnosis GS1 which is actually targeted for the BMW market. Not sure what size it is exactly but it looks like 20″.

Here are the rest of the pics..

Last pic..

Even the angel eyes works!

I can hear all the BMW purist now scratching their eyes out haha.


  • Freddy! said:

    Grat post Jon!
    Im gonna steal a couple for my blog if you dont mind..
    I first spotted this in Auto Otaku..great find again!

  • BlueSlug said:

    siiiiiiiiick, i got my wish from Mike’s blog lol

    i love this thing!

  • DaveT said:

    Hmm.. not bad not bad at all.

  • Matt said:

    WTF? Im getting sick seing the mod been done.

  • Glacius said:

    woot make me want a bmw now =D hah

  • Glacius said:

    bmw VAN ofcourse :P

  • Speedman said:

    what a blasphemy!!

  • BoostGear.com said:

    HA, this is awesome but you can almost hear the scratching of bimmer enthusiasts eyes as I type.

  • josete motillla said:

    vaya puta mieeeerda chaval tendrias ke estar encerrado en un manicomio

  • Rock Solid Shifts said:

    Ha Ha! The execution of this car is flawless. The rear bumper is very well done. Boost Gear is right though, the beamer enthusiasts probably aren’t too fond of it!

  • kher047 said:

    well this a honda odyssey body with the bmw front end