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More F10 5er renderings

3 November 2009 5 Comments

I wasn’t too happy with my last rendering of the 2011 BMW 5 series (F10). The details were there but something was off with the proportions so I had to do another one. And with a little humor added in.

This time I started with this base to make sure every area and proportions are correct.

When cartoon animals attack!

And finally without the vinyl camo…

This is my 4th rendering now of the F10 and I think I’ve gotten most of the details in there. I’ve done an M5 F10 rendering in white also. I’ll post it here if my client doesn’t use it.


  • BlueSlug said:

    lol nice touch with the little guys in the corner waiting patiently to put your licence plate on :P

  • Stanley said:

    Isn’t the M5 rumored to be force induction?

    jonsibal Reply:

    yeah twin turbo V8 – modified version of the engine found in the X6M.

  • 小明哥 said:

    大灯没什么 精神
    GT 的 大灯好

  • Jim said:

    very nice rendering, blogged it on my site, thanks!