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9 November 2009 6 Comments

Lotus produced a 2Eleven for those who wanted a serious track car without the need for roof, or a full windshield. I’ve posted some pics of it here.

But for those who are brave and slightly mental, they create their own version of the 2Eleven. I came across these pics which looks like it’s in its construction or deconstruction (depends on how you look at it) phase. Word is that this car is owned by a fellow that ges by the name “Perry” who decided to build his own stripped down spyder project after the original Sector111 spyder.

Check out how wild this thing is.

I love the plates… haha.

photo source: kertong.com, flickr


  • 130tc said:

    That’s just plain outrageous! Very very nice and well in the spirit of the 340r just looks a tiny bit more streetable! Love the Gaffer to keep the doors together! The more i look, the more i love!

  • BP22183 said:

    WOW – what a find!

    I am actually a bit speechless looking at this car right now – I don’t think I could bring myself to cut up an Elise! It must be one hell of a track weapon!

    No need to worry about it getting taken with the quick release steering wheel off!

    Great plates, what does it take to be street legal in Cali?




  • Ben Comana said:

    Insanely awesome, so raw!

  • BlueSlug said:

    soooo they just cut the top off and held it together with a roll cage and some painter’s tape? experiMENTAL is right ;)

    the rear diffuser and canards look the part, but with the top half of the car being such an aerodynamic mess they probably only make things worse… i do very much enjoy the exhaust though, and this thing probably goes like mad. i wonder if i can find a video…

  • Marv said:

    Now, this is what I called naked and sexy!!!

  • Alex said:

    Great find Jon.
    It’s definitely a badass ride !
    Now all it needs is a built K20, and it’s set !