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2011 BMW M5

16 December 2009 4 Comments

With the release of the press images for the F10 5 series, I was able to compare how close my renderings got to the actual car. I’ve done one F10 M5 version before the release of the official F10 pics and here is another I did with some updates done exclusively for M5Board.com.

Here are some of the spy pictures previously posted in worldcarfans.com

And here is the F10 M5 rendering.

For Hi-Res, goto M5Board.com.

Design notes:

1. New information was posted about the F10 M5 such as the different Kidney grills. It will be thicker compared to the standard F10 5 series. BMW had done this back then with the E39. The early models had the thin kidney grill surrounds and when the M5 came out, they also updated the kidney grill surrounds to a thicker version which then replaced all the e39 models that was built after 9/2000.

2. The enlarged kidney grills of the F10 (including the M5) compared to the E60 models resulted in smaller central intake and bigger side intakes designs in the front bumper. This design principle was already applied in the standard F10 front bumper and will carry over to the F10 M5 front bumpers.

3. Recent spy photos shows a slight bulge different from any I’ve seen and have applied this detail in this new rendering.

4. We all know that the M models gets side vents as for this model, I created a side vents consistent to how the previous M models received.

5. Flared fenders are also a standard for the M models which allows the car to accommodate bigger and wider wheels.

6. M models also have had side mirrors exclusive to them. For this model, I designed my own version of what I think the side mirrors might look like.

For discussion and feedbacks, check out M5Board.com.


  • Stan said:

    Looks great Jon! A little on the conservative side compared to previous models though don’t you think.

    jonsibal Reply:

    Thanks Stan. I think BMW design team is toning down the flame surfacing a bit which gives a more conservative look to it. Not as sharp as the E60 lines but the edge point comes to a thicker edge. I’m diggin the directions where they’re headed.

  • Shlomo bar zayin said:

    You’re so vanderful,You deserve my kiss!

  • Brandon @ eas said:

    Jon, I don’t know how you do it, but I truly believe this is exactly how the new M5 will look. Seriously, can you see into the future, or is your reality move slower than ours so you are able to see into the future faster than average people?

    Fantastic Job!