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HSV-010 GT

22 December 2009 13 Comments

Honda finally released a picture of their NSX replacement called the HSV-010 GT.

The HSV stands for Honda Sports Velocity. They will be running in the GT500 class of the SuperGT series. Their debut race is on March 20, 2010 in the Suzuka Circuit.

I’m very surprised how close my rendering is to the HSV-010 GT. The headlight shape is dead on, the front fenders and front end are very similar too!

Here’s my rendering I did back in November 2008 with the Takata livery.

I searched around for more pics of the HSV-010 GT and found the flash promo video from Honda. Here are couple of screen caps.

But I also found this article on MotorTrend.com – First Honda NSX Racer Image Hits Web featuring a scan of a page from Best Car Magazine.

The rendering used in the article looks awfully familiar. Check it out.

Well that dang rendering looks very similar to my rendering – down to the vents, headlights, wing, window etc. etc. Could it just be a weird coincidence?

Ok let’s make it more obvious. Since I have the master copy of my own rendering, I took off the decals and livery and converted it to black. Here’s how it looks.

See the similarities yet between my rendering and the Best Car Magazine’s rendering?

It looks like whoever gave Best Car Magazine the rendering of the HSV-010 GT took (stole) my 2010 Super GT NSX rendering. Artist stealing from another artist. This stuff sucks. It happened last year and I can’t believe it’s happening again.

I’ve contacted Peter Lyon, the writer who wrote the article for MotorTrend hoping that he might help me sort this out with Best Car Magazine and find out who the perpetrator is.

I’ll update this post if I find out anything.


  • Ben Comana said:

    blatant copy of yours, every little is similar or the same…

  • Jeroen Willemsen said:

    Good luck on finding this douche bag Jon, these things suck

  • Paul said:

    Thats awful Jon, i really hate when other people try to take credit for others work.

    It certainly look like this person was tasked to render the new HSV-010, went to do some research, found your rendering, and then tried to alter it enough to make it appear like their own work.

    The only differences i can see between the two are
    Obviously the black paint
    Different, badly photoshop wheels to hide that the originals had glowing disks underneath.
    Start of the rear arch changed, because they probably didnt understand the surfacing.
    Windscreen changed, due to the original having YOUR name on it!!
    Removed canards, its easier to paint over something than around it /rolleyes
    Altered cheekbone line
    detailing on the rear of the front fender, most likely lost in a heavy handed coloring stage

    So whats that, about half an hours work in photoshop?

    It sickens me to see work being stolen so blatantly, really hope you get it sorted sorted out Jon.


    jonsibal Reply:

    Paul, you hit it right on the mark. Whoever did this seems to have above average skills with photoshop, I just wish that he/she started with a spy picture or a non-rendered shot.. lazy bum.

  • Nism0o_o0 said:

    I hate copycat!

  • Richness said:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Seriously? This is very bad. What they should have done was contact you personally rather than have a straight up thief get paid for this. If you have the means, I would definitely put this up on blast because this is a very big deal in my eyes. You deserve ALL the credit Jon!

    jonsibal Reply:

    I doubt that Best Car Magazine knew that the artist they hired stole my work. But then again that’s just me giving them the benefit of the doubt. In any case, it sucks LOL.

  • bing said:

    please find him and teach him a lesson…and good luck Jon…

  • JayHundred said:

    On a more positive note, I’ve seen your illustration of the HSV-010 appear (unaltered) this week on Worldcarfans.com and, more impressively, on the Evo magazine website. At least ONE major international car magazine is respectful of your work.

    jonsibal Reply:

    Thanks man. I gotta pick that EVO magazine up. Do you know which issue # it is?

    JayHundred Reply:

    I don’t know if they’re gonna publish the article in the magazine, but here’s the link to the article on their website:


  • jason said:

    jon im sorry to hear what happen….but im sure this will get fixed and they slap your name back on that pic. also every illustration you make is almost like the real one man. i think a car company needs to pay you to make there cars. i love your work man..keep up the good work. oh and i would love to see your e36 running again. you have the best e36 ever!

  • H G said:

    God damned thieves…