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McLaren MP4-12C GTR

1 February 2010 24 Comments

I’ve always been a fan of Gordon Murray’s creation – the McLaren F1. Every variant that came after it, F1 LM, F1 GT, F1 GTR, F1 GTR Longtail, were all just jaw dropping.

Group shot courtesy of McLaren Automotive.

One of my favorite McLaren F1 variant is the McLaren F1 “GTR”. The GTR version was created to satisfy the need for demands for capable cars to run in the GT1 class of the BPR GlobalGT Series. It was powered by a BMW s70 V12 engine to limit the HP level to about 600hp to comply with the rules. There were a total of nine chassis built for the 1995 season. Another nine more chassis built for the 1996 season to keep up with the demands. The 1996 F1 GTR variant is the fastest (straight line speed) of all F1 variants.

Fast forward to the present times, Gordon Murray have moved on, but McLaren is still at it. In September 2009, McLaren introduced their latest sports car – the 2011 MP4-12C.

Image source: McLaren Automotive

This car got me wondering what other variants this model might produce. No idea if McLaren will even make them but I thought to just have a go at the MP4-12C in a GTR configuration.

Here is my rendering of the MP4-12C GTR in “Test Car” form.

I gave the car wider fenders to house four OZ wheels (with some lip) the previous F1 GTR ran back in the days. I also added splitters in the front and rocker panels to keep the air moving underneath as fast and clean as possible. Rear Wing was also added as well as little racecar details all around.

To give homage to the past liveries that graced the skin of the McLaren F1 GTR, I went ahead and applied some of the popular liveries to the MP4-12C GTR.

Tokyo Ueno Clinic livery.

Chassis “10R” livery.

FINA livery.

Marlboro livery.

Harrods livery.

LARK livery.

And my favorite, the iconic GULF livery.



Stay tune for the MP4-12C GTR “LONGTAIL”! Make sure you check out my Facebook fan page for a sneak peak which should be posted sometime this week.

UPDATE: 02/09/10
Here is the link to the LONGTAIL versions.


  • hellfish racing said:

    the gulf car takes it on the “iconic” livery front. but man do i love that ueno clinic setup. and how have i gone this long without knowing of your facebook fan page.

  • Freddy! said:

    WOW..the Gulf version is out of hand!
    The rendering is siiiick!

  • BlueSlug said:

    amazing stuff Jon! i think i like the Harrods and Gulf liveries the best

  • EJ257 said:

    Don’t forget the 2002 JGTC Yellow Corn liverie.

    jonsibal Reply:

    That’s coming up with the GTR Longtail version.

  • The IC said:

    *shakes fist* Dammit Jon, I just spline-caged the MP4-12C on the weekend with the intention of doing this! :P

    jonsibal Reply:

    You should still do it! I’m sure it’ll be even better being done in 3D!

  • BP22183 said:


    I was impressed by the teaser you posted weeks ago but it didn’t prepare me for these!

    Amazing work!

  • Andy Blackmore said:

    John, fantastic work, as ever. I never got passed the sketch stage with my versions, so I’ll put those to bed now.

    Great work. very impressed and nice to see that you have brought 5 of my liveries up to date

    I’ll put a post up on SH :)

    jonsibal Reply:

    Thanks for the kind words Andy! Much credit to your livery designs!

  • Tony said:

    Man you are amazing, thanks for sharing this stuff, keep up the great work. And I’ll take one in the Gulf livery, thanks… :)

  • breaking news said:

    I like Fina Livery…clean and sporty..
    thanks for the great picture..

  • caasimun_18 said:

    wow okay..i love the gulf hmm..mmm!!! i hope this car ends up in Gran turismo coz if it does…anyway the gulf is to die for!

  • hinz said:

    Your work is amazing!!!

    Any chance you could release high resolution images to use as wallpaper (1680×1050)?

  • Luke said:

    Can you please put the rest of the liveries up on http://jonsibal.deviantart.com/ in high-res?

    Currently the only 1280×900 render is the Gulf livery and I’d like some of the other ones as PS3 wallpaper. Thanks, and I love your work!

  • Kent Paul said:

    Please, please, please can you do one in McLaren’s current livery!

  • Declan said:

    All spectacular!

    The Marlboro one works very well and reminds me of the old Marlboro sponsored BMW M1 Pro Car for some reason.

    Great stuff!


  • ATC-Design said:

    beautiful work mate…
    i also love the new mclaren :D
    so much so that i am currently creating my own longtail version of it,
    like with the original mclaren f1 :D
    loving what you have done though :D

  • aadil said:

    amazin work mate, brings back old memories

    I hope this will inspire them to take the mp4-12c racing

  • Robert Thompson said:

    Hey could you generate some higher resolution wide-screen versions of these? These in Windows 7 as background sequences are awesome but the McLaren logo and your website tag get cropped out.

    This would be much appreciated, as the MP4-12C images were already my backgrounds.

  • Kevin A. said:

    Jaw dropping work Jon! I hope McLaren sees this!

  • Cpt.Nemo said:

    I love the attention to detail… the ‘LM’ version of the OZ Crono Evo wheels from the original GTR look perfect on the now model, it’s a shame OZ have dropped the design since! I think Lotus used them also on one of the outgoing special editions of the Espirit.

  • Jack said:

    I like Lark Livery, It’s very very fashion and fantastic!

  • Создание сайтов в киеве said:

    realy cool )
    marlboro )