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23 April 2010 14 Comments

The BMW 1 series (E82) is reaching the final stage of its life. But before the new 1 series comes out in 2013, BMW have decided to produce an M version of the 1 series to keep the interest in the M brand right before the F10 M5 comes out. I’ve done many BMW speculative renderings but if there is one rendering I’ve done that I personally would want to own and drive is this. My wife and I are actually considering it as our next car.

Here’s my speculative rendering of how it might look like as posted in LLN.

To read the full article and download hi-res version of this, goto LeftLaneNews.com.

A BMW insider have confirmed that this rendering is very close to the real deal so that gets me more excited. Although we don’t know what the name would be, we know that it will not be called “M1″ although in my opinion that makes the most sense even considering the iconic M1 from the 70s.

My official guess initially that it would be called “M1tii” but maybe “E82M”.

But whatever the name might be, I’m still anxious to find out more info about this car, especially which colors might be offered.

And so I thought to show it in different M Colors from the past and present.

Interlagos Blue

Estoril Blue

Laguna Seca Blue

Phoenix Yellow

Alpine White

Space Gray

Silverstone II

Techno Violet

Carbon Black

Sparkling Graphite

Jet Black

BMW will be producing a limited production lightweight “GTS” version of the E82 M. And just like the GTS E92 M3, we won’t get it but might possibly be offered in this color.

Inka Orange

And of course, BMW might never offer this paint finish but how about…

Dubai Chrome

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  • ZeDestructor said:

    IMO the central front opening is too wide, but otherwise this is looking up :)

    jonsibal Reply:

    From the info I have, I believe it’s suppose to be wide. Not as tall maybe but wide as far as I know. As always, we’ll wait and see I guess.

  • Suave Devil said:

    Jon, as always, I’m a fan. Thanks for the renders/chops man you keep owning the field. One (hopefully small) request. Could you please post high-res pics of the color variants? Specially that LSB one… Thanks again. Much respect.

    jonsibal Reply:

    I only have the low res, but here’s a blown-up 1600px of the LSB.

  • Insider said:

    Great rendering, Jon. Keep up the good work! Could you add “Estorilblau” to the colour choices?! ThatĀ“ll be great.

    jonsibal Reply:

    Done. It’s added in between Interlagos and LSB. And on the last one on the Poll.

    Insider Reply:

    Thanks, that was very fast. Have you tried to render a matte finish like frozen grey or would that mean a whole new rendering?!

    jonsibal Reply:

    Since the matte finish is barely reflective, it will require removing all the reflections and high gloss to the current rendering. Not impossible but just requires more time which unfortunately I do not have at the moment.

  • Alex Butti said:

    @ at the “Dubai Chrome”…..nice one Jon !!!
    Keep it up !

  • BoostGear.com said:

    Melbourne Red is where it is at! LOL @ Dubai Chrome!

  • Eugegall said:

    Loving the work man. before i saw your chops i was almost sure id buy one. Now i know i will in fact get one. One small request please. Could you make the alpine white one have a carbom roof. Tints on all windows other than the main screen and black csl wheels please.

    This is what i would order. If you can do it thanks a bunch!

  • Alexander said:

    Inka orange!

    became really nostalgic and thought of the good ol’ days with the 1802ti :D

  • Kubica said:

    The estoril blue is actually laguna seca blue.

  • Kubica said:

    edit: nvm i guess i scrolled too fast lol