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Mugen CR-Z

27 April 2010 No Comment

Mugen released their tuning package for the CR-Z Hybrid Coupe back in February. The package then consisted a of full aero kit, carbon fiber mirrors and a variety of wheels. They also offered some interior parts upgrade like shift knob, gauges, and floor mats. As far as performance goes, they’re offered simple bolt-ons for now like cat-back exhaust, air filters, sport suspension and brake packages. They even have this “intelligent tire-monitoring system”.

But Mugen doesn’t stop there as they are serious about performance so they are continuing to develop a higher level of performance upgrades through their demo car which is now all stickered-up.

Check it out..

Absolutely, without a doubt, Mugen is killing the competition once again. Even back during the CR-X days, their kit was the best. Although this body kit for the CR-Z hybrid looks fine, they can do without that ugly rear wing.

photo source: Minkara

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