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2012 BMW 3er sedan (F30)

30 June 2010 6 Comments

BMW is about to replace their most popular series model next year as a 2012 BMW 3-series with a chassis designation of F30. Here are my renderings of the E90 replacement as posted in LEFTLANENEWS.com.

Front quarter view

Close up shot of the front end featuring a much more meaner look with new headlight designs sunked into both corners of the front fascia.

Rear quarter view

Close up shot of the rear end showing the new tailights and trunk.

Details about the new model are still very few but here are a some features I’ve manage to put together.

Exterior Designs
- most sporty looking 3er yet
- more “evolutionary” than revolutionary
- sharper angles all around
- the new upcoming X3 is the key to some of the detail and direction

- Expect to see 4 and 6-cylinder engines both petrol and diesel and even a hybrid version
-There is a rumor that a new direct injected, Turbocharged 3-cylinder engine with excellent CO2 output will also make it to the new 3er not as a base moel or entry level.

Here’s a comparison between the F30 vs F10.

Headlight design, area surrounding the headlight, kidney grills, bumper especially the lower part is totally different from the F10 5er.

Take note of the upper character line of the F30 has a more aggressive rake compared to the relatively horizontal angle of the F10 character line. It also features a “hook” towards the front of it before it meets the side markers.

The shape of the F30 tailights are different than the F10 as well as the lic. plate surrounds section. The F30 also has a more defined lower indented character line compared to the F10 which is barely there.

The 2012 BMW 3er sedan (F30) will make its debut in November 2011, prior to World premiere @ Geneva with a possible launch for the Touring in Leipzig the following month.

To read the full article, goto LEFTLANENEWS.com


  • Stanley said:

    They’re already debuting a new 3series? That fast?

  • Alvin said:

    Can I make some suggestions?

    In the front facing picture, the windshield needs to curve a bit more, and the rear is jutting out way farther than it is supposed to.

    In the rear facing picture, the boot lid line (the one highest up) should not be matching the windowsill line, it should be matching the line created on the hood of the car. (you will notice this on the 5 series if you look closely).

    Your renderings are by far the best I’ve seen. Everyone else seems to blow things out of proportion, but you’ve clearly done your research. Your work is top-notch, Mr. Sibal.

    jonsibal Reply:

    Thanks for the feedback Alvin.

    These illustration were based on the actual F30 spy pictures so the shape and curvature of the windshield as well as the details on the rear you mentioned are actually how it appeared in the F30 test mules. These areas weren’t open for interpretation as they weren’t really that covered up. All we did was fill in the rest with the info we received from an inside source in BMW.

  • Mike said:

    Jon –

    Great renders as always. Two questions:

    1) do you really think the kidney grilles will be that flattened at the top? they are starting to look trapezoidal in this execution. is this the precursor to the inverted trapezoidal grille treatment that has been rumored for the new 1 series and beyond?

    2) do you really think the headlamp elements will have sharp creases at each angle? they look a little strange like this.

    You’ve nailed the front air ducts, IMO. Exactly what the test mules have looked like. Now, if we could convince BMW to give us better side-view mirrors!

  • RDS said:

    From the spyshot , I think the rear end might be bit different from your rendering . But overall , you did a very good rendering !

  • Worker Bee said:

    Cant wait for the current 3 series design to die. Time to bet rid of the “Bangles” Bring on the new 3!!