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AF Imp Super Carnival 2010

11 June 2010 6 Comments

Last weekend, Auto Fashion Import aka af imp. held their Super Carnival 2010 event. I love this type of shows as you get a combination of these convention-type demo cars with street-raw rides.

I’ll be posting a two part series for this event coverage. For this post, I’ll feature everything but VW as that will be for part 2.

And obviously just as with any “import” shows held in Japan, these are mostly euro bombers.

Alright on with the show.

Let’s start it off with some Porsches.

Some of you might remember thsi flat gray Boxster. More pics HERE.

Nice Panamera with TechArt kit. Not sure what size wheels those are but they look huge. My guess is maybe 22″ at least.

Couple of widebody Benzos from VITT..

Old school estate benzo tucking LMs.

Bentley Continental looking all tuner-out.

Tough looking Audis..

Mansory Aston Martin

Lone american car Caddy representin’

Not sure what this smart car looking ride is but I dig that Cayenne looking front bumper.

Let’s check out the Bimmers to end this post.

LOVE the stance and wheel fitment on this E30.

E60 5er still looking mean with a set of deep dish wheels.

Remember this E92 laid to the ground? More pics HERE.

Slammed black on black E92 on DPEs.

Here are the rest of the gallery featuring more import rides from the show

Stay tuned for part 2 featuring the far-from-Mugen VDubs.

photo source: Minkara


  • Ray said:

    Hey Jon, that Aston is Mansory.

    jonsibal Reply:

    doh, dunno what I was thinking. Thanks for the correction Ray!

  • Maarten said:

    That green Porsche looks so mean.
    What you thought to be a Smart is probably a Mercedes A-class.

  • potts said:

    what’s the kit on that audi TT? looks mean as!

  • sjonnykasj said:

    that , “smart car thing” is a first gen Mercedes Benz A-class ;P

    ( http://jonsibal.com/blog/wp-content/gallery/afic2010/AFIC2010_19.jpg )

  • doug said:

    that last m3 with the laguna stickers is amazing! any info/idea on where the bodykit came from?