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Black or White

5 June 2010 5 Comments

When LUMMA introduced their latest X6M tuning package, the car that appeared in the press release was this dark satin black CLR X650 M. It was a studio shot, pretty cool but I prefer to see it in real life setting outdoors with no artificial lighting. Thanks to TOPCAR, we get to see that.

In Russia, the tuning scene have been blowing up in the past few years now and one of the leading shop is TOPCAR. I featured their Panamera Stingray before and here is another one from their stable – the LUMMA CLR X650 M.

TOPCAR being a distributor for LUMMA Tuning products, initially built a black CLR X650 M.

Here are some pictures.

And just recently, they showed off their white CLR X650 M.

Check it out.

I typically prefer black or dark colored cars but this white one looks just as mean. Can’t go wrong with either color on this one I guess. But which color do you guys prefer? Black or White CR X650 M?

photo source: www.top-car.ru


  • Clay said:

    I prefer that it be killed with fire

  • Suave Devil said:

    Black. Without the wing.

  • Adam said:

    I cannot see the colors because I like to pretend the X6 and CS series cars don’t exist and that BMW still makes normal cars.

  • Dmitri Joukov said:

    Too much plastic here and not fitment at all. X6 needs realy large wheels, not that what-to-be-large.

  • Kim said:

    Black, but remove the wing.