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Jetta SportWagen R

8 July 2010 20 Comments

Over the weekend, I spent some time getting our daily driver MK5 Jetta back to stock as our lease will be up early next year. I’ts a fun car but we’re looking into what car to replace it with… maybe the MK6 Jetta? I dunno.

The Volkswagen Golf Variant we commonly known here in the states as the Jetta SportWagen is now on its 4th body version. The release of the latest MK6 Jetta SportWagen features a completely redesigned front end.

Quick comparison between the MK5 and the MK6 SportWagen

The updated MK6 front end certainly looks fresh consistent with the front end of of MK6 Golf. But what if you already have the MK5 SportWagen and just wanted to update your look to the MK6 without having to trade in your ride?

Well a guy in Japan had the same thought and what he did was pretty remarkable.

He started with a 2009 MK5 Jetta SportWagen known there as Golf Variant.

He then started personalizing it with your basic mods like wheels suspension, front lip and rear valance. But just like many of us, it didn’t really stop there as he further enhanced it with big brake kits, custom dual exhausts, cold-air intake, fender extensions and a different sets of wheels to name a few.

In the midst of him tricking out his ride, Volkswagen released info on the MK6 Golf R. This model features a real aggressive front bumper.

He got a hold of the brochure and more ideas started rolling. I’ll build my own MK6 Jetta Sportwagen R!!

To start the conversion, he got the necessary MK6 parts like the front fenders, hood, headlights, grill and the ever so important Golf R front bumper.

Surprisingly enough, it actually looked goood.

He even took it up a notch by extending the hood a few inches longer just enough to cover the top portion of the oversized VW badge while giving the car a mean and angry look.

And after all said and done, this is the finished look.

He later replaced the front grill with the badgeless version which looked even better.

A few more pics..

There you have it, an MK6 Jetta SportWagen R stylings based on a MK5 Jetta Sport Wagen.

photo source: Minkara


  • Rui Augusto said:

    Great work. incredible beautiful and white!

  • Adam said:

    Clean as hell what an awesome daily that would be

  • vivalarey said:

    Scirocco SporWagen?! xD

  • AJ said:

    Wow, just wow… its great to see people having the greatest ideas ever, the imagination and actually following thru.

    Personally I wouldnt extend the hood further down, but thats just me and its a known VW tradition so I wont knock it.

  • aarrjj said:

    Wow. This is fresh to deaf. TRBOMOM just got an MK6 Sportwagen. Gives me some ideas! Let’s do it Jon (get one)!!!

  • Kevin said:

    Great Upgrade!
    I would LOVE to upgrade my SportWagen like that! How were the tail lights done?

  • Adam said:

    Holyshit what a good conversion :)

  • Brian Provorse said:

    Oh my…..How could get my hands on that rear bumper. I have already found the front, so I am good there (once I purchase :-) ) I think doing this car in the Blue that the R20 has would look amazing (not that this one doesn’t already).

  • dnetcrawler said:

    Could you post the part numbers and where they were ordered from? I’m totally going to do this :D
    Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  • bruno prado said:

    please tell us here did you bought the rear valance and the custom dual exhaust

  • ChrisM said:

    Respect! Great job.
    Please tell me where to get these backlights from.

  • Mirko said:

    Just. Wow. Where you got these backlights from. They are just great.

  • will langford said:

    OEMPlus in Lake Forest, CA did a Golf-R conversion to the MK6 TDI Wagon.. I think it’s due on newsstands soon…

    Wagons FTW.

  • al;an said:

    too cool! i have a 2010 jetta tdi sportswagon. california
    do you have a way to contact this “guy’ i would like to get a parts list.

  • Mitch said:

    Looks great, what kind of rims are those?

  • Giles Davey said:

    Hi thats a great conversion. Can you tell me where you got the rear tail lights, bumper valance, rear spoiler, and side skirts from ?

    Oh also what make are the wheels and what size are they ?

  • Drew Nelson said:

    what rims are those? swwet car though!

  • Adam said:

    Looks all gd dude but was the mk6 front a bolt on to the mk5 ? Thank u

  • Edgar Rodr√≠guez said:

    I need tails leds plis

  • Drew Nelson said:

    What kind of wheels were on this wagon? There’s two different sets on it in the pictures and I would like to know both of them.