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Soul Matte

10 August 2010 8 Comments

The Ferrari 599XX is no doubt one of the best looking car out there right now. We were just talking about this car over the weekend and saying that it’s probably the best designed modern Ferrari model currently in existence.

Whether be it red, white, black or any other color as previously posted during its track debut, it doesn’t matter. I still find my self salivating about this car. When I have an artist block, this is what I look at. It’s like a viagra for my brain.

But recently at the Paul Ricard High Test Track, couple of 599XX were spotted by photographerSevan Calians. What made this duo a bit more attractive to me (if that was even possible) was that it was wearing a new finish. Matte paints!

The matte finish suits both cars just right. It was like the car was meant to be finished in Matte.

^^Is that Horatio Pagani?!?? Sure looks like him.

Ok I’m officially jealous of that girl with the PINK helmet. I would wear PINK helmet just to ride in this fiveninenine doubleXs

Black not tickling your fancy? How about matte gray?

I don’t care if people say matte paint is played out, I’m a big fan. And seeing it on the 599XX, I personally feel looks better than any gloss painted 599XX out there.

Bonus pic. Zonda R and the 599X. Maybe that was Mr. Pagani himself in the earlier picture.

I still pick the 599XX. How about you?

Big props once again to Sevan Calians for these amazing photography.


  • Tony said:

    Man.. These are GORGEOUS.. You’re seriously making me consider doing this to my car now..That Matte gray was SICK!!

  • BP22183 said:

    That Matte Gray one is amazing – it’s not often that you can park next to a Zonda and make it look ordinary, but the 599XX does

    Thanks for the pictures


  • freddydaimler said:

    I couldnĀ“t choose in between those both. Just for performance, the Pagani does it for me, but the Ferraris Style is just unforgetable.

  • KA said:

    Yup, that sure does look like Mr. Pagani.

    Great photography of some fantastic cars.

  • KA said:

    Oh I would def pick the Zonda R!

  • KA said:

    Gotta love the Nordschleife time sticker on the front of the Zonda.

  • Ralph said:

    Aah my one and only Soul Matte!

    I also would pick the #20 599XX over the Zonda… mi dispiace Horacio!

    That Matte finish looks so purposefull!
    Yes played out… but on certain, special it’s still magic.

  • Adam said:

    Ferrari is nice but the R is faster, and more extreme looking!