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13 October 2010 One Comment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the Nissan R35 GT-R. One of the street R35 that’s blog-worthy is the Voltex R35. I posted only a couple of pics of it in the past – WINGING IT. But since then, I couldn’t find any more pictures of it.

Well today is a good day, I did found more pics of it running around the track – even better!. Here are a few pics.

It’s interesting to see that after all this time, it’s still rolling on stockies even on track days. I would think that they would have upgraded to lighter/stronger set by now. Stance is still preety hard core though. Loving it!

photo source: Minkara

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  • Ed Lee said:

    Haha whats up? just came across this – actually the stock wheel from RAYS is as good as you’re gonna get. Even another Volk wheel is not much lighter – so 99% of the aftermarket wheels you install on there are downgrades in terms of performance.