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ZR6X Widebody Corvette

5 October 2010 5 Comments

I totally dig Team Corvette Racing’s C6.R which took the top spot in this weekend’s Petit Le Mans. The wide fenders and stance is just to die for. But for the streets, this isn’t really practical. So what to do? Hit up ZR1bodykits.com.

This body kit treatment is called the ZR6X Extreme Body Kit.

The pieces are made out of fiberglass using compression molds (similar to GM OEM panels).

They are direct replacement using factory bolts, holes etc.

The widebody fenders are flared 1.5 inches wider than OEM ZR1 fenders and 3″ Wider track than Z / GS Models.

Loving the wheel fitment.

I don’t see that much wheel fitment like this on American cars and it’s very refreshing.

Digging the LED tails too.

As an option, the front lip, sideskirts and rear diffuser can be made in carbon fiber.

Price for the complete Extreme Style ZR1 body kit for c6 ZO6 Grand Sport is $7,599.

If you choose to go with the OEM style ZR1 body kit instead, it’s a bit less at $6,999.00.

Other than the double scoops in the front end, this is probably one of the best looking street Corvette I’ve seen lately.

For more info, goto zr1bodykits.com


  • BlueSlug said:

    Murder She Wrote Part 22? So hot, and so very menacing. I’d crap my pants if I saw that tearing up the road in my rear-view mirror

  • Raul said:


    One of the best Vette’s i have nerver seen!!!
    Really good job and design

  • Longhorn said:

    That’s Bruce Wayne’s “daily” car. Awesome car!

  • CH!no said:

    dang, my heart melted when i saw all that black!

    im not much of a vett guy but damn this version gets me thinking!

  • Tarik Al-hammadi said:

    i want to ask about the bodykit , how i can buy this bodykit and what is the way and what about the shipping .. i am serious please .. reply to me as soon as possible