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ESM Ferrari 458 GT

28 January 2011 4 Comments

Motorsport fumes are in the air, ahh ti’s the season to be jolly. Teams are currently out and about testing their machines.

Extreme Sport Motorsport (ESM) who ran a pair of F430 GT last year will be running a brand new pair of Ferrari 458 GT. Thanks to Scott Sharp, a driver for ESM have shared with us via his facebook page these awesome pics.

A few more..

To see more and follow Scott’s adventure through this season, hit up his fan page at FACEBOOK.

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  • Jon said:

    I’m disappointed that the triple exhaust has gone, its still a beast though and I cant wait to see it in battle.

  • Ralph said:

    Dislike the ‘old style’ splitrimmed gold BBS wheels… Monoblocs is where it’s at!

    Dual exhaust is enough for racing… no ‘silenced’ center pipe!

    And Jon you should do a Tequila Patron livery! : )

  • GW from Celebrity Cars & Homes said:

    What is the reason for the switch from the F430. I’m a pretty big fan of them. Don’t know much about racing though. I just know how many celebrities try to grab them for status.
    For example Justin Bieber has one. Which kind can be aggravating…
    Justin Bieber’s Ferrari F430
    At least he can’t drive the patron one…need to be 21 and over. Ha

    Not sure…if its the paint & headlights. But the 458 here looks much sleeker than the 430. But I am comparing to biebers 430…which is much more dull

  • CARTchamp said:

    I can’t wait to see it race.

    To the Justin Beaver guy, Yes its much sleeker than the 430, its called progress. They no longer run the 430 as they no longer make it, its out of production the 458 is it’s replacement.