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Jaguar Crossover Concept

26 January 2011 2 Comments

I was once again commissioned by Autoguide to create a conceptual rendering. This time it involved the Jaguar brand on a new Crossover platform.

If this idea ever happens, we figured that Jaguar will use the existing Range Rover Evoque chassis. Here are some pics of the 2012 Range Rover Evoque 5-dr when I saw it at last year’s 2010 LA Auto Show.

And a few 2011 Jaguar XJ model shot by my buddy Wynn for Jaguar of N. America.

Jaguar have yet to confirm such a model but this is my best guess on how it may look like if it were to be available now.



Details like a new front end design incorporating distinguishable Jaguar features flowing through the side body panels consistent with the current Jaguar design language. And to finish it up, a set of Jaguar wheels were used.

For the full article, goto Autoguide.com.


  • Brendan said:

    Your renderings are generally so on the money, I’ve often wondered if you have a direct line to some of these carmakers. I’m sure this rendering as well, will be proved correct.

  • samson said:

    the jag truck looks too much like a audi with a jag front pasted on. with some wheels. I wanna c if u can do a mash up for vw. a beetle. make it with Porsche 911 rear engine. im gonna tell someone else to do the same cause he does some chops..