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Scion tC GT on Import Tuner

26 February 2011 4 Comments

The Scion tC GT I designed for John Pangilinan is on print. Import Tuner Magazine did a feature on this car along with Shawn Baker’s tC in their latest issue.

Here are some pics from the article.

Engine bay shots

Interior shots

To read the full article, goto Import Tuner Magazine


  • Alex said:

    Good looking show cars.

  • RDS said:

    I thought this is a Drifter ?

    Anyway , I’m surprise it’s base on the new Dual VVT-i engine !

    jonsibal Reply:

    You must be thinking of of the Papadakis Racing/NFS Scion tC. They share the same body kit but two different cars.

  • the machine said:

    The Scion tC is a two-door hatchback coupe that parent company Toyota has aimed squarely at the 20-something crowd. These drivers likely want rides that are stylish, customizable and affordable, and the tC is a success on all three counts.