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AFR Max Air Hood scoop system

29 March 2011 4 Comments

Autoform Group, a Michigan-based tuner popular in the Dodge Viper community, will be releasing a brand new, fully functional hood scoop system for the latest gen Dodge Challengers called the AFR MAX AIR.

We were fortunate enough to grab a hold of the first production piece with the prototype hood scoop for my ’09 Challenger R/T aka “Big Willy“.

Here are some photos of it from the recent Spring Festival of LX show over the weekend.

The AutoForm Racing (AFR) Max Air hood scoop system is a direct bolt on for the 2008-2011 Dodge Challengers. It is the same hood Autoform uses for their Shaker Hood system and T/A style scoop system as well.

The AFR MAX AIR system draws in ambient air directly into the path and area of the air filter.

A shot of the underside of the hood showing how the hood scoop “sandwiches” the hood with a scoop plate to keep it secure especially at highway speeds.

The intake system of the kit mounts on top of the engine replacing the factory plastic engine cover in my R/T. But will also bolt up in the same way for the SRT8 owners.

The system also eliminates the factory air filter box typically mounted in the bottom right corner of the engine bay. The whole area is sealed off when the hood is closed.

I like how it cleans up the engine bay while giving it an old school look with the air filter on top reminiscent of the carburetor-equipped engines of the past.

The base of the intake system was designed with three water drainage ports connected to rubber tubes to effectively route any water that gets through the hood scoop away from the engine.

Not shown in this picture is a rain shield that AFR provides that covers the front section of the air filter protecting it from direct exposure to rain.

To see a step by step photo instruction of the installation of the intake system, CLICK HERE.

Apart from the hood scoop, the rest of the system is ready to go. Steve Dreyer, the man behind Autoform will fine tune the design of the hood scoop to allow the use of taller air filters.

AutoForm offers three hood system for the current gen Dodge Challengers – Shaker hood, T/A style hood and now the AFR MAX Air hood scoop system. They are all functional and were designed so that if you have one of their system, you can easily switch out parts to achieve a new look while using the same exact Autoform hood all without drilling.

More photos..

We drove the car home from the body shop after the install, going about 65 mph on a light downpour and the hood scoop held up fine with the rain shield and water drainage system working as designed. It’s awesome to hear the engine breathing coming out through the hood scoop. I’m very happy with this product and is anxious to see the final design of the hood scoop piece. I haven’t gotten a chance to put the car on the dyno but will do when we get a chance.

The AFR MAX AIR hood scoop system is available for pre order at a introductory price of $1995. ($2070 MSRP).

For more info, goto AutoformGroup.com
Email: sales@autoformgroup.com
Telephone: (616) 392 – 4909


  • Vadim Anikin said:

    Looks Pure Evil (I means very goods).
    Where I can read full list of mods?

  • Frederico Silva said:

    Dear Lord, your car just..I can’t have words to describe it, it’s so simple (the exterior), without all those crappy acessories everybody puts on their cars, that it looks gorgeous!
    Seriously, this car was meant to meet you, nice taste! ;D

  • PeteSanchez said:

    That is easily the nicest Challenger I’ve ever seen, and this is coming from someone who hates the “new” challengers.
    Also, redlines = +10

  • RussellH said:

    Sick ride. Is that flat paint or a wrap?