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RAUH Welt : Micro Car edition

23 June 2011 8 Comments

This past week have been a non stop barrage of SEMA project renderings and I’m dead tired. Thankfully, I have a great wife that takes good care of me to keep me healthy through out. In between projects though, I’d like to refresh and recharge by rendering some more LOL. I know it’s getting crazy but it’s been a while since I’ve done a Micro Car edition related post. So I thought, let’s have a go at my friends RAUH WELT Begriff cars.

Presenting the RAUH Welt: Micro car edition.

We’ll start this off with the most famous RWB car of all, the 930 STELLA ARTOIS owned by Nakai-san himself.

And of course, I can’t forget RWB International Director Toshi-san’s 964 RWB.

Another iconic RWB is the 993 Natty Dread.

My facebook buddy Shinji-san’s red RWB 964RS.

The sole female driver from the RWB team, Yoko’s RWB996.

You gotta love the wide butt of the RWB Deep-Plo

Another RED RWB Porsche but on Mesh instead of the SSR SP1.

And the topless RWB Porsche.

And probably the most controversial one of the RWB cars is this 930 Master Piece with that funky paint job.

Although RAUH Welt specializes in Porsches, we know that they aren’t limited to that brand. Here are a few of the non-Porsche RWB cars..

Probably the most famous non-porsche RWB car is this S15.

I’ve posted this S14 here before but not even sure if it’s an RWB car but I dig so here you go.

This AE86 is owned by Nojima-san who is RWB’s painter.

Last but not the least, in honor of the upcoming CARS 2 movie from Pixar, I give you Nakai-san’s other car the RWB 993R TUNERHAUS done in Disney/Pixar style.

UPDATE: Toshi-san’s “Rough Rhythm” 993R.

Group shot LOL!


That’s all folks. I’ll do more later when time permits. Hope you enjoyed it!

This RAUH Welt video just went live a few minutes ago.

Props to Luke Huxman. Well done!

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  • Corey said:

    Really funny idea but I never thought I would see such low quality images on here haha

    jonsibal Reply:

    haha thanks, but trust me, I’ve got tons more of low quality pics in this site LOL.

  • OzzyDante said:

    They look pretty cool, and some of them reminded me a lot of the classic VW Beetle, specially the topless one

  • Dr.GoFast said:

    I should update this one with some Work(s) wheels then ;P

    Herbie WIP from some years ago -) http://fav.me/dp05zn

  • Brian McKay said:

    Those are really ‘entertaining’ ~ fun to look at!
    You sure are talented and skilled!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • The Nitz said:

    Too funny….absolutely love it…keep it up…..

  • mark said:

    Awesome.. low quality? yeah..

    anyways, fun stuff man. that’s what doing 18hour days does to you! see you at sema.

  • Tampa fishing charters said:

    All the cars are looking amazing but the grace of the black color car is different from all others and i like it most.