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Cutaway heaven

2 August 2011 11 Comments

As a Design Artist, I’m in awe of those artist that does all the very detailed automotive cutaway illustrations. These stuff takes forever to do and requires a lot of accuracy and precision in the execution of all the components.

I found the mother load of cutaways and thought I share them all here.

Here are some of my favorites..

The rest of the gallery.

Big props goes to vwvortex member “1.8TRabbit” for compiling all these images.


  • Guyon said:

    Not exactly the same but you might like this too: http://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/cars/

    jonsibal Reply:


  • Kenny said:

    I came across this one today – BMW X6:

    jonsibal Reply:

    Thank you.

  • Mike said:

    Great pictures, yout blog is awesome :)

  • kattanh3 said:

    Great stuff as always Jonsi… But you’d think modern artists retake on this would be much easier with CAD’s ;)

  • Autolegend said:

    Some of my favorites are from Tony Mattews.


    jonsibal Reply:

    Awesome stuff. Thanks!

  • Daniel said:

    Awesome thank you for posting !

  • Leon said:

    These are awesome! Does anyone know where I can get high-res versions of these? Would be awesome to print them out big, block-mount them and put them up in my apartment.

  • cutawaycreation said:

    Fantastic selection of drawings!