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2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

14 January 2012 3 Comments

The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon opened their gates on the 13th of January and remained opened through out the weekend.

Flood of aftermarket companies mixed with manufacturers showed off their latest and greatest.

There were tons of very interesting cars as always from the classics to the concepts. Here are some of the highlights.

Starting with the classics, ROCKY AUTO brought out their RB26-powered S30 with a new coat of shiny chrome like paint.

The show also featured a solar-powered 2000GT

RE-Amemiya had another really solid display this year..

Twin turbo FD3s with a carbon fiber front end.

Although I’m not too keen on the latest look of the RE-Amemiya Super NA7

BLITZ brought out this clean EVO X with a nice front bumper design…

HKS had a mean looking CRZ in their booth.

And this is how HKS does vans..

VARIS had their widedboy EVO X there..

This VARIS EVO X made my jaw dropped.

And my mouth drooled when I saw the carbon fiber R35 GT-R next to it.

Over at the C-West booth, they had the new CYBER GT-R R35

And the 2011 WTAC Champ car.

A pair of MUGEN RR CRZ on displayed both boosted via their supercharger.

COCKPIT got this drift-ready S15.

Next to it was their blue boosted beast.

Veilside brought a few heavy hitters like this AMG Black Series with their Premier 4509 aero kit treamtment.

They now offer their Premier 4509 kit for the SLR McLaren that looked like a Renntech front end.

I also thought their 370Z body kit was interesting, certainly different from what’s out there.

My buddies from STUDIE AG brought a matte Gray BMW 5 series wagon all modded with HAMANN parts.

RWB X FATLACE reppin’ at TAS. Props Mark.

ACC (Air Runner) had the 2012 Toyota Alphard in their booth. I actually did a Text Art illustration of this which I’ll be posting soon.

FIVE Axis rocking the house..

Takero’s FIT looks real good.

I’ve also noticed a bunch of cars were using the DINOC carbon fiber wrapp in a lot of their demo cars from partial trims like on this EVO X..

To a full body wrap on this highly modded Lotus.

Love the color of the wrap on this RX8..

Liberty Walk brought out their exotics like this super shiny Gold Lambo.

..including their ATV super car models

Matte black Aventador looking sinister as always.

There were a handful of Toyota 86 all modded out at the show like this one with a TRD equipped kit.

I still dig the Modellista better though but maybe mixed with the TRD sideskirts.

A two-sided 86 repping two different tire companies.

A wall with a bunch of after market parts for the 86 ready for consumption

Subaru got their STI version of their BRZ but sup with that odd looking rear wing.

They also have the Black Series BRZ.. much better.

And the Super GT BRZ GT300 race car, even mo’ bettah.

There were three BENSOPRA equipped GT-Rs at the show. Two of them were at the ENKEI‘s booth

I spy a SPEEDHUNTERS‘s decal on the wing of this one.

And the best one of the three – the GReddy 35RX.

If you’re not into widebodies, here’s a great looking R35 with a vented hood.

There were no short of race cars sprinkled through out the show floor. Here are some of my favorites.

Check out the mega gallery with over 300+ photos.

And here’s the gallery covering the D1 Drift demo exhibitions outdoors.

Want more? Check out my buddy Rob Shaw’s photos HERE.

Next up is the BEST of the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. Stay Tuned!

photo sources: Minkara, Carwatch, Autoc-one


  • BP22183 said:

    Thanks for the coverage Jon!

    What’s up with the LFA roadster – is it official Lexus or a chop? The roll bar kills it …..

    The carbon GTR you like is from HKS I believe


  • Freddy! said:

    Best coverage of TAS yet Jon..great stuff..best TAS of the in years in my opinion!

  • RDS said:

    The Premier 4509′s Mercedes-Benz doesn’t seems like SL-Black because I spotted cut-line on the roof , meant the roof can be open (SL-Black were a Coupe) . I’ve saw some source said the Lexus LFA Roadster Prototype were done by Toyota itself & made for TAS show off , currently no production is planned on it .