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Murder She Wrote Part 31

19 January 2012 2 Comments

For Part 31 of the Murder She Wrote series, I bring you probably one of the rarest Porsche around – the 1994 Porsche Schuppan 962CR. A tribute car with a list price of $1.5 million dollars making it one of the most expensive production cars ever offered.

This particular model featured in this post was originally silver.

From what I understand, the owner was good friends with Team 930 Turbo club and RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB)and on Nov. 2007, the supercar was unveiled at the Porsche Exciting Meeting in Yokohaman, Japan wearing the signature RWB matte black paint job.

Even the wheels were painted from silver lip with black centers to all black to complete the sinister appearance.

A small RWB logo was placed on both doors as well.

More photos..

Bonus photos of the 962CR cruising at night with the RAUH Welt guys.

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  • Shawn said:

    Honestly, I like it better in silver. The matte on this application is just not doing it for me. I would even go as far as to say, the lines on the car benefit from a shiner/glossier paint.

  • Adam said:

    Fantastic looking machine, shame they didnt leave the wheels part polished, would have stood out so much better.

    The red brick building is a awesome place for downsized car exhibits. Couple years back I attended the Nissan festival, they even had demo runs with a few of the group a. & lemans’ machines.