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RWB 86

7 January 2012 2 Comments

Before RAUH-Welt Begriff aka RWB became well known internationally with their super wide Porsches, they started many moons ago with Hachiroku. They were known back then simply as “Rough World”.

Here’s a few shots that Mike Garrett (Auto-otaku) caught in Tsukuba a few years ago of a nice AE86 Hachiroku sporting the Rough World decal.

Nakai-san and other members of the RAUH-Welt family also had their own Hachiroku but had since moved on and replaced it with the P-car.

But with the upcoming release of the Toyota 86, I thought it might be interesting to give this modern day Hachiroku some Rough World flava.


Have a great weekend everyone.


  • BP22183 said:

    Awesome work Jon! Love it

    Can’t wait for workshops to unleash on the 86

  • Dexter said:

    Love the rendering