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Garage G-Force EVO X

27 April 2012 4 Comments

At the recent HKS Premium Day event, the Garage G Force EVO X demo car stood out to me out of the many tuned cars. Check out the pics.

Those exposed hardware on the front lip is a great touch.

Perfect stance.

Properly sized canards and a nice set of Volk Racing G25s sets it right.

Widebody rear quarter panels with exposed rivets, nice and raw.

More info on Garage G Force HERE

photo source: Minkara


  • Ken said:

    Clean look and love the functionalist approach. I don’t agree with the wheel choice. Should have gone with the tried & true TE37 or CE28N.

    Adam Reply:

    Agreed, if they wanted something along similar lines of those wheels they should have chosen the 37s or 28s or one of my fav EVO wheels, Advan RS

    Ken Reply:

    The Advan RS would set it off. I guess the company will put better looking wheels for the track and show wheels for the demos.

  • Tom said:

    Is this the beautiful Varis evo X Widebody 2012???