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Thailand Toyota 86 race car

7 May 2012 3 Comments

I completely forgot to post this but better late than never. At the 2012 Bankok International Motor Show held back in March, Toyota displayed this pretty rad looking Toyota 86 race car. Check out the hi-res pics.

It has a bit of BRZ Super GT300 race car styling cues which is kinda cool.

Here’s the rest of the gallery.
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No info is this will actually race in any series but either way, a great looking design.

photo source: autospinn.com


  • Ayugene Q. said:

    Surprisingly, Toyota used to make sports vehicles, some of which are remembered lovingly. Toyota is said to be mulling a decision to restore one, the Supra, to slot between the Scion FR-S and the Lexus LFA. I was able to figure out where can I purchase a car that works for me.

  • NaBUru38 said:

    That car is beautiful!

  • zumlee said:

    This car will race in Supercar Thaialnd series.

    TOYOTA GT-86 SCT Spec :
    2UR 5000 cc engine, 8-cylinder DOHC 32-valve.
    Hp 620 hp at 7,000 rpm.
    Torque of 69 kg / m at 5500 rpm.
    Transmission gear sequential 7-speed.
    Suspension Front – Double Wish Bone.
    Rear – Double Wish Bone.
    Front brakes – 15-inch disc brakes.
    Rear – disc brakes, 14 inch.
    The front brake calipers – Brembo 8 Pots.
    Rear – Brembo 4 Pots.
    Alumi wheel 10J x 18-inch wheels and four wheels.
    Front tire – Yokohama size 280-650/18.
    The Yokohama size 280-710/18.
    Body dimensions (width / length / height), mm 1800/4530/1200.

    credit : http://m.thairath.co.th/content/life/258767