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It’s been a minute…

24 September 2012 No Comment

I guess it’s time to revive this failure of a blog and update it. I apologize for the lack of post. I’ve been very busy with work to say the least. But in the midst of my hectic schedule, I was able to get away and check out my local Cars & Coffee weekly meet. As close I as I live to this place, I really only get to go maybe every other month or so. But I’m stoked to actually make it twice this month of September. I blame by buddies RJ and Albert.

Lets start with photos from Sept 1st. Sorry a little late in posting these but oh well.

I took my Challenger bright and early to make sure I got a spot inside. Lately it’s been filling up real fast.

After parking the car, I bumped into an old buddy Ryan. He made a pretty impressive impact in the BMW community with his BMW E36 equipped with the full Esquiss line. He since sold that car and has this new project. A mildly flared BMW E36 powered by an aluminum V8 LS1 commonly found on a 97-04 Corvette.

Peter from Vorsetiner debut his latest project car fresh from the dealership. This was the first time I’ve seen the 2013 BMW M6 in the wild.

RJ brought his BMW 7 Series aka “Biggie” which will actually be the last time he’ll be driving it to this meet.

RJ spotted one of his mentor – Howard Lim.

Howard brought his Audi R8 Spyder topless and enjoying the Cali morning sun..

Typical of the cars that shows up to this early morning gathering, a full blown Audi R8 LMS was there courtesy of the GMG race team.

A year ago, it used to be rare to see a Mclaren MP4-12C at this spot but now you can see them in many different factory colors on a weekly basis. But a chrome-wrapped MP4-12C is a rare sample.

Chrome finish is nice but I’m a bit biased to matte black cars, especially when it’s a Lamborghini Aventador..

I love seeing some classic cars too like this super clean Porsche 930 Speedster.

This VINTECH P-550 had a mixture of old and new. The body was based on the Porsche 550 but with some very unique and modern features.

Check out the engine bay.

Continuing the old and new theme, seeing a Ferrari Enzo will never get old..

And just around the corner was its older brother – the Ferrari F40 in classic Ferrari red.

Also spotted this vintage Nissan Skyline ..

Parked next to it was a Nissan R33 Skyline.

It was very cool to meet the owner who had mentioned to us that he was actually the original owner and imported it here in the states (legally) to continue to enjoy it. My buddy Pat on the left and the owner on the right.

Before heading out, we spotted Barry Meguiar – a regular at this meet.

Cars & Coffee photos from this past weekend coming up next.

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