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[18 Sep 2007 | CARS | No Comment | ]»
The Roddler

So my wife and I are thinking about having kids. Came across this ultra cool stroller from Kid Kustoms called “The Roddler”.

Price starts at $2500. Must have for all the car guys.. haha.

[9 Aug 2007 | ART, CARS, Digital Art | 3 Comments | ]»
BMW CS Transformer

Here is my latest work. I had some free time and experimented a little bit. A BMW CS Transformer concept set in a fiery and smokey battleground.

I was listening to “Slam” by Pendulum which helped inspired the mood.
Done with Photoshop CS and a mouse ( I need a tablet desperately).
Credit to B.Procter for the original jazz illustration.
To view a larger version, please click here.

[24 Jul 2007 | ART, Movies | No Comment | ]»
Speed Painting

I’ve always been fascinated by Speed Paintings. This technique looks so much fun to learn. I came across couple of links that are very inspiring. After looking at their work, I might just buy me a tablet. I used to have one way back in the days but went back to using a mouse after I got the iMac.
Here’s a speed painting video I saw on youtube.
here’s another good examples of speed

[16 Jul 2007 | ART, Digital Art | 2 Comments | ]»
My Beloved

This is for my wife for our upcoming anniversary. She is a huge fan of Mulan.

[12 Jul 2007 | CARS, OFF TOPIC | No Comment | ]»
Gran Turismo 5

I love this game. I still haven’t bought a PS3 but the release of this game in Spring ’08 will be a good excuse to get one. Looks like Ferrari is finally part of the line up and the engine sounds seems to be a lot better in addition to the graphics etc.
Here is the trailer from IGN from the 2007 E3.

[8 Jul 2007 | CARS | No Comment | ]»
Air-Fuel Meter shootout

If you have added any form of Forced Induction system in your car -Turbo/Supercharger, a Wideband O2 A/F meter is a MUST. With all the available A/F meters out there in the market, it can get confusing.
Ford Muscle just did a Shootout- Article here.

and the results for all you lazy bums (j/k)

I’ve always loved Innovate Motorsports products and proudly runs them in my car. It’s good to see them getting recognize. Congrats Innovate!

[4 Jul 2007 | ART, Digital Art | Comments Off | ]»
Ultimate VW GTI Design Challenge

So one day my brother, who drives an MKV GTI, told me that VWVortex and Privat Wheels was holding a contest to design the Ultimate VW GTI with a new and original wheel design .

This is what I came up with- Widebody kit, Front and Side splitters and rear diffuser, as well as a 5 spoke wheel design. It was chosen to be in the top 3, and when the voting ended in July 3rd, it garnered 389 votes (67%). My brother is really happy because he now will be …