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[1 Jun 2011 | One Comment | ]
Bronze shoes
Bronze shoes
Bronze shoes
Bronze shoes

Mixing up some interesting colors, textures and finishes on wheels are a great way to keep your game up. Check out this BMW E91 Touring rolling on bronze on bronze Hyperforged wheels.

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[24 Sep 2010 | Comments Off | ]
Center Lock
Center Lock
Center Lock
Center Lock

New products from Vorsteiner. Loving this center lock wheels on their Porsche 911 V-RT Turbo. More pics after the jump.


[28 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]
Lightweight Shoes

Just loving these wheels right now. I think BBS hit it again with this BBS FI wheels.

For more info on these wheels, check out my previous post on them HERE.
I wonder how long it will take for fake BB5 FI wheels to pop up on ebay.

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[12 Jun 2009 | 8 Comments | ]
2-tone RS

BBS RS is such a classic old school wheels that its continuing to be the popular choice of wheels for the many who are fans of that old school Euro look. The classic mesh design on a multi-piece set up giving you a variety of offset set ups are I’m sure the reasons for its prevalence.
Here is an Audi Typ 8PA A3 slammed on RS. This 5-door estate has some nice wheel set up here. The offset looks pretty aggressive, poking the wheels outward requiring a stretched tire set up …

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[12 May 2009 | No Comment | ]

BBS have just released some new wheels. Out of the six new wheels, my eyes went directly to the BBS FI.

The FI stands for Forged Individual. Just like on my GT2 wheels, the spokes are scalloped. The back milling between the spokes makes for an interesting surface in addition to reducing extra weight. Combined that with their forged technology they were able to produce an ultra lightweight and very strong wheels tipping the scales at only 16.3 lbs for a 19×8.75. To give you an idea, typical 19″ weighs in …

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[30 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]
Rolling Deeep part 2

I’ve posted a white BMW E39 5 series rolling on some uber deep dish OZ Futura here last year.
And today, I came across a black version of that car. An E39 rolling deep in the same wheels, fenders and tires stretched to no end, and having a stance like a bulldog.

Wheels are 18×10.5 and 18×12.
Not a fan of the boser hood but everything else is money. I actually prefer this over the white one only due to my personal color preference.

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[26 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]
RJ’s Formula

My Art’N’Motion team mate and friend RJ DeVera is the creative mind behind the RO-JA wheels brand.
One of my favorite design from his line was the formula 7 which he ran on his widebody Comptech NSX back in the days. Fast forward to present time, he added couple more cars in the stable and also decided to do a refresh on the Formula 7 wheels. The new version comes with satin centers and gloss black lip finish with the fasteners left in its natural state giving a great contrast between …